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Yoga Class for Fatigue recorded at Glenthorne, Grasmere

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Come and join in the retreat experience – Yoga Class for Fatigue recorded at Glenthorne, Grasmere.

Cost: £2.50 to download a one hour class

About the Class

My friend Nigel kindly recorded a class that I ran for ME and fatigue conditions in the Lake District in November 2012.  We thought that it would be good for people to feel that they can join in the retreat experience by participating in a yoga practice recorded live at Glenthorne – rather than recording something in a studio.     Because this is audio, you can lie down and listen to the instructions easily, without having to look at a screen.  The download can be loaded onto your MP3 player or mobile device to listen to, or can be played directly from your computer. This class is extremely gentle and should be suitable for most conditions including ME.  However, if anything feels too strong or uncomfortable or gives any pain always stop.  Rest out when you need to – you always benefit from relaxation.  Please remember that yoga is not about ‘doing’ but about ‘being and the purpose of this class is to lead you to stillness.

If your ME is severe or you are in an acute or relapse phase, you might just like to do the relaxation at the beginning – or the meditation at the end.

To join in, you just need a comfortable mat to lie on, loose clothing and enough room to stretch out on the floor.  Make sure that you will not be interrupted – turn your phone off – and allow yourself to be absorbed by the experience.

This download features lots of relaxation, chanting and breathing.  If you are new to chanting  (or yoga) you will find that it helps you to extend your exhalation and also to calm and quieten the mind, so do join in if it feels right. Working with the exhalation is a key part of breathing – of creating space  to then take in prana or energy.  The exhale helps to detoxify the body and to make room for the offering of the inhale.  Because this is a live class, you may occasionally  background noise as people move about.

I would like to thank Nigel Merrick and Lois Diskin very much for their help in producing this.


Instructions for Download

Please click the ‘purchase’ button below and complete your payment. Once payment has successfully been processed an email will be sent to you with a link to follow to download the file. If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes of purchase, please check your spam folder. If you have any queries please contact us.