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Claridge House, Surrey

Fiona runs regular retreats in the UK. Claridge House is a beautiful Edwardian mansion house set in peaceful gardens in the Surrey countryside. Claridge House is a Quaker centre for healing, rest and renewal. The rooms are comfortable and warm and the food is delicious vegetarian cuisine.

Claridge House, Surrey
Yoga at Claridge House


Gentle Yoga for Fatigue and Stress, Claridge House, June 16th-20th with Leah Barnett

A gentle yoga weekend course, suitable for all abilities, that will help restore and balance energy. It will include soothing breathing techniques, gentle yoga postures, simple meditation and nurturing relaxation. Suitable for those with moderate ME/CFS.

“Perfect course and  tutor….Lovely combination of ‘doing’ and explaining why we were ‘doing’ and sensitivity to the needs of everyone on the course. Thank you very much.”
– Laura, August 2013.

For further information, prices and a brochure, please call Claridge House on: 01342 832150.

New course for 2013. How to Be Happy with Yoga: -Who, or What Am I?
In this course suitable for all abilities, Fiona will gently lead you back to your sense of joy and peace through discussions, gentle postures, breathing, mediation and relaxation – whatever your life situation.  This course is suitable for anyone who wants to know ‘Who Am I?’ and will take you deep into the stillness which is always there.  Suffering is caused  by the  mis-identification  and resistance of what is happening in each moment. Our true nature is  happy, peaceful and calm.  However, we get out of touch with this  by becoming attached to and identifying with things that go on in the world. When we look for happiness in the world and believe the stories our minds tell us,  disappointment is the result because things (including our thoughts and feelings) are always changing.  Using self-enquiry based on the teachings of Patanjali and Vedanta (known as the path of knowledge), we come to realise the Truth of our divine nature and understand how we can realise the deep happiness of own presence.

Yoga to Beat Fatigue
A gentle Energy Yoga course which is designed to both relax the body whilst also increasing energy.  Fiona and Leah’s teaching focuses on developing potential for full health. Energy Yoga uses awareness of breath and self-observation as a bridge to awaken subtle energies (prana), which balance and strengthen the whole body whilst yoga postures (asanas) and gentle moving sequences open, stretch and release tension. Fiona has developed Energy Yoga as a way of working with the breath to take students deeply into each posture and sequence to connect with the stillness within. Fiona seeks to include everyone, making Energy Yoga suitable for all levels regardless of age, injury or fitness, including those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Sessions are fun and include classic postures, gentle flowing movements, pranayama (breath work), mantra and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to promote well-being of body, mind and spirit. Fiona believes that every yoga practise should be a healing session and that students should leave the class feeling better, with more energy and with a sense of peace and calmness, than when they started, so this course will really revitalise you. This course is very popular for those with M.E., or if you have low energy or other health challenges.

What people have said about Fiona’s retreats…….

Claire Reid. “This course was fantastic; very supportive. Yoga was tailored to different levels which was very sensitive and helpful. All talks were really useful, and again, sensitive. Worth coming from Scotland for!

Jeremy Head. “I really enjoyed the course. Good balance between yoga and mediation. 10/10.

Carol Ward; “Thank you Fiona, I have really enjoyed the week, I enjoyed your style of teaching, you have inspired me to do more at home!

Aine Walsh: “My gratitude for creating such a friendly environment that has contributed to my healing.

Rosalind Glover: “Really excellent weekend, the second time that I have been on Fiona’s course. Once again an amazing sense of peace here. Great time with inspirational people. Lots to takeaway on my onward journey.

Lyn White: “What a wonderful course. I’ve learnt loads and will go away inspired by all you have shared. Thank you for all your energy and yoga wisdom.

Marie Mundt: “I so enjoyed this course and have leaned a great deal from Fiona and from others around me. I found the instructions very clear and the supportive understanding of energy levels was very confidence boosting.

Helen Lovell: “Highly recommended. Fiona is a great teacher and lots of fun too!

Fiona would like to say a huge thank you to all her students for all their support and for being her greatest teachers, with a special mention in memory of Helen Veale who we all love and miss.