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Glenthorne, Lake District

How to Be Happy with Yoga with Leah Barnett

How to Be Happy with Yoga: -Who, or What Am I?

In this course suitable for all abilities, Leah will gently lead you back to your sense of joy and peace through discussions, gentle postures, breathing, mediation and relaxation – whatever your life situation.  This course is suitable for anyone who wants to know ‘Who Am I?’ and will take you deep into the stillness which is always there.  Suffering is caused  by the  mis-identification  and resistance of what is happening in each moment. Our true nature is  happy, peaceful and calm.  However, we get out of touch with this  by becoming attached to and identifying with things that go on in the world. When we look for happiness in the world and believe the stories our minds tell us,  disappointment is the result because things (including our thoughts and feelings) are always changing.  Using self-enquiry based on the teachings of Patanjali and Vedanta (known as the path of knowledge), we come to realise the Truth of our divine nature and understand how we can realise the deep happiness of own presence.

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£360 per person including full board